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b_300_200_16777215_00_images_zzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpgOrganised with the continuing support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, this year’s main area of focus has been the use of social media. The event, participated by secretary generals of 15 TÜRKONFED member federations, as well as representatives from 3 member sectoral associations, was carried out successfully, with participants demonstrating high motivation and providing inputs.

1st Session: Evaluation of the outputs and the findings from the previous meeting – Briefing on the event programme

Moderator: Arda Batu, TÜRKONFED Secretary General

Welcoming speech: Ali Eroğlu, TÜRKONFED Vice President

An interactive format was used for the training. The first one of the organised 1,5 day sessions, was on evaluating the outcomes of the previous meeting and briefing the participants on the event programme. In this session, moderated by TÜRKONFED Secretary General Arda Batu, participants shared their opinions and provided feedback; followed by the opening speech of TÜRKONFED Vice President on Regional Development Ali Eroğlu, reflecting on the expectations from this year’s meeting.

2nd Session: Secretary Generals’ presentations on routine federation events and operations

Moderator: Betül Çelikkaleli, TÜRKONFED Deputy Secretary General

In the first session on the second day of the meeting, participants shared information on the activities of their federations/associations. In this sitting, designed as short presentations, participants had the opportunity to know more about each other’s activities and experiences. Outputs of this session will be shared with the participants in the form of an info brief and the issues of activity/experience sharing will be followed up by the Deputy Secretary General.

b_300_200_16777215_00_images_zzzzzzzzzzz.jpg3rd Session: Media communication techniques

Moderator: Hayati Bakış, TÜRKONFED Deputy Secretary General

Instructor: Ayça Gürkol Yavuz, INSULA Communication Founding Partner

In this session, the instructor held a presentation on the main principles of media communication. In addition, an applied press release – ‘fill in the blanks’ format training was carried out on sharing TÜRKONFED press releases with local press and media. 

4th Session: Social media training

Moderator: Hayati Bakış, TÜRKONFED Deputy Secretary General

Instructor: Emre Tamer, Istanbul Arbitration Association Secretary General

In this session, an overall brief on the use of social media was given, followed by an evaluation of the participants’ social media using habits and frequencies. In addition, participants made social media posts on the event, and received feedback and recommendations. 

Outcome and expectations: It has been requested by the participants to have the meetings twice annually. Another suggestion was to integrate the lunch/dinner periods to the training content, while keeping the initial training duration.