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b_300_200_16777215_00_images_zzzzz.jpgThe seventh seminar in the “How to Cover” series organized by P24 and supported by Friedrich Naumann for Freedom  was held in Eskişehir for a second time on 14 May 2017.

This was the second seminar held in Eskişehir, following demand from locals after the first one.

The workshop began with a description by Bilgi  University Communications Department Assistant Professor Erkan Saka on the evolution of the internet. This was followed by presentations by social media expert Kenan Dursun, who introduced various vital social media tools for social media reporters and administrators (including Buffer, Tweetdec, Bit.ly, Line.do, Piktochart.com, Canva and Pixabay).

Şevket Uyanık, a communications expert, in his presentation first provided da brief background on the legislation concerning personal data protection and privacy in Turkey and then showed a number of security tools that allow encrypted communications and ensure better privacy. Please see http://bit.ly/atolyeeskisehir for a list of topics covered in this seminar.