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b_300_200_16777215_00_images_zzz41.pngThe Empowering Teachers to Support Integration of Syrian Refugee Children and Youngsters in Turkey into the Education System project aims to  train & equip primary/secondary school teachers in Istanbul, and eventually across Turkey, to support Syrian pupils – as well as their peers from local/host communities - in terms of their accommodation into the formal education system, and, of their capacity in tackling associated academic & socio-cultural challenges/needs, and thus,  provide an institutionally applicable/replicable modality for supporting the peaceful integration and sustainable conviviality of Syrian refugees and host communities across Turkey. The project is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, organized by the Citizens' Assembly.

The trainees are 23 selected teachers participated in seminars from different regions of Istanbul and schools which have Syrian students in large numbers. In the scope of the project 14 seminar-workshop have been fulfilled under the different specific tittles like Migration & Displacement, Being Refugee, Refugee Status in Turkey and Syrian Children’s Access to Education, Teaching in Emergencies and in Difficult Circumstances, Discrimination in Education System: Creating Inclusive Environments, Getting Closer to Languages: Creating Learning Environments for Children from Diverse Language Backgrounds, Meet the Working Associations Related to the Education of Refugees & Education System in Syria . Each seminars have been given by different expert educators and each seminar have different special subjects based on specified necessities and within the seminars also two days workshop held by trainees and experts to learn and develop education modules for the content of e-learning program. E-learning program is developing with modules that trainees set and  it will work for the sustainability of the trainings for large scale teachers and who is interested in the subject.