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Hans-Christoph Schlüter, Mitgründer Mirko Moser-Abt, Benedikt Kau.
Why Europe is an initiative which is supported by a group of European students who think that the EU matters and has a positive impact on everyday life. In a nutshell, they aim to encourage an open, critical and precious discussion about the European Union without questioning its overall existence; they provide platforms in the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

A year ago, inspired by the populists’ incredible transporting influence of content and slogans, especially after the Brexit referendum, they realized that they had to become active. They want to highlight the advantages of European integration. The peace in which people are now living together in Europe should be the reason to support the European project. There is also an internal market, guaranteed human rights and many freedoms. All this is by no means self-evident if you look back in Europe's history or look beyond Europe today. They want to show people how the EU and a united Europe positively influence their daily lives. Populists with their own weapons beat: that's what they call positive populism.

For now, some development has been achieved, such as their content reaches between 700,000 and 2.4 million per month in French, German and Hungarian. Other languages are also planned.