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b_300_200_16777215_00_images_zzz2222.pngIKV, TURKONFED and Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Istanbul Office organized a meeting on 24 August 2017 titled "Modernization of the Customs Union and Industry 4.0", in which, IKV Brussels Representative Haluk Nuray, Siemens Turkey Deputy General Director Ali Rıza Ersoy and TÜRKONFED Advisor Dr. Haluk Tükel participated as a speaker.

The first speaker of the meeting, IKV Brussels Representative Haluk Nuray emphasized the need to establish an ecosystem for Indusrty 4.0. Contrary to what most people think, the Customs Union is not an ordinary trade deal, Nuray said. "We have made significant progress in the last 20-25 years. We succeeded in becoming a middle-income middle-industry country by transforming into a low-income industrial country. The Customs Union has also played an important role in this success. But we've been stuck there in the last few years. Because the trade infrastructure of our country did not develop parallel to its targets. The amount of our exports is 90 million tons and our export income is around 150 billion dollars. Our goal is to increase this amount by 3-4 times to reach 500 billion dollars in revenue. However, our firms have difficulty becoming part of global value chains. Unfortunately, we are only in the small value-added parts of this chain.

Approximately 46 percent of world exports in 2020 will pass through intelligent production systems. Turkey is not preferred in these value chains. We cannot produce new technology, we have difficulty in technological renovation. Many industrial plants in Turkey are located between industry 2.0 and industry 3.0. Industry 4.0 confines only the intelligent production and the new generation of trade to the modernization of the Customs Union; we can not get anywhere if we confine one of the fabrics to the walls of the bureaucracy. So we need to create an Industry 4.0 ecosystem." he said.

Mr. Ali Rıza Ersoy, Deputy General Manager of Siemens Turkey, noted that Turkey should rapidly complete the automation of its processes in order to reach the Industry 4.0 journey. "To get to the industry 4.0 journey we have to first complete 3.0 and in other words, we must quickly complete the automation of our non-automated processes. I think that Turkey needs to have a maximum of 30 years if it decides to fully pass to Industry 4.0. "He said.

“According to the document produced by the Commission, the modernization of the Customs Union will bring about a growth of 0.98 percent annually between 2015 and 2030, and that 75 percent of this will come from agriculture” said the advisor of TURKONFED Mr. Haluk Tükel.